Exterior Valet

An exterior so sparkling you will need sunglasses

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We also offer buffing, paint correction and more – ask for more details when booking

Exterior Valet

Car been parked for a while gathering dirt? Perhaps you are a bit of an off-roader? Or you seem to have been singled out by birds with diahrea…


If you need your car exterior looking crisp and clean for a meeting, a date or worst still, collecting the in-laws and you want to make a good impression, don’t worry Formula XL can help!

We can come to your home or your workplace so it does not interrupt your day. Our exterior Valets usually last for 30 minutes or so unless your vehicle is heavily soiled of which we would discuss this with you prior to starting.

Our exterior valet includes:

  • Travelling to you
  • Exterior decontamination
  • Snow foam pre-wash
  • 2 bucket hand wash and wax
  • Alloy wheels / Trims cleaned
  • Micro fibre towel dried


This costs just